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MC Website Design will optimise your website and do their best to get your business on page 1

SEO in a nutshell!

This is such a massive and ever changing subject, a necessity for marketing online and there's no simple fix. It is a long-term process of monitoring, tweaking and refining.

In a nutshell it is the process of making your website friendly to the search engines so that they can find and search your website in order to let your clients know of your existence. It is based on relevant words and phrases that a client or customer might type in when looking for answers to their questions or searching for products and services.   

 To be on page one in the rankings without having to pay for the privilege is an immense task and competition is fierce with positions ever changing. It is crucial to get the correct level of keywords on each page too without flooding it.  Some search engines don’t take too kindly to this and will avoid indexing sites if this happens. It also takes time for the search engines to work their magic and could take weeks or even months before you see the results you’re hoping for.

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Keywords & Phrases

It is important to research the keywords relevant to your business to find out how many websites contain that particular word or phrase. If you decide on popular words or phrases then they will be used by many more websites and competition will be fierce.  You can see the number of times a word or phrase exists by looking at Google directly below the box where you can enter your word or phrase.



In addition to finding the right keywords and phrases there are other ways that you can help to boost your position amongst the millions. Add more links to your website, not just internal links between the pages on your own website but external links too e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest  and other social media sites. The more links pointing to your website the faster and easier the search engines can find you.  Consider writing news articles and posting in some of the larger and more well-known articles sites – Ezine Articles,, Go Articles and Article Dashboard.

We will do our best to design a search engine friendly website for you.  Good web site design is not just about how a website looks and feels, it’s what goes on in the background that is important and results will improve over time. It is, however, a waiting game and whilst some website designers profess to get your site indexed by Google within 4 days it may take up to 4 weeks!

Niche Keywords

We don’t guarantee a page one position but we will investigate good niche keywords based on the keywords you provide.  We will look at your competition, we will investigate monthly trends on your keywords and based on our results we will scatter these niche keywords throughout your website, in titles, content, descriptions of images and links. Simplicity is the key to good search engine optimisation, simple website design and easy navigation, not just for your client but for the search engine robots too.