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Google My Business on MC Website Design & Building

We, at MC Website Design, are here to help you take those first important steps to building an amazing website design!

Here are a few ideas of information to have ready that will save us time and you money!


Check out your competitors’ websites along with other websites.  Get a feel of what is out there and if you see web pages that you like then tell us about them.

Domain Name and Hosting

Think of a name for your new website and look to see if it is available on or similar and register your name. For more information see our our page 'Domain Name and Hosting'

Tell us all about you

Go to our page called ‘About You’ it will give you ideas on the sort of web pages you may need and then let us know what you want.


Decide on whether you will be selling products then sign up with Paypal or another shopping cart.

Website Colour Scheme

Think of the colours you would like in your website - we have some sample colours on our 'Colour Schemes' Page


What images will you need and will you require the services of one of our photographers or your photographs enhancing?

Logo Designs

Do you need a logo designing or new branding?

Other Effects

Would you like a moving or traditional banner on your home page or any other page? How do you want to display the pictures of your products or services? Do you want the facility for your customers to click on a picture to see an enlarged version? How about a roll over image for a picture change, scrolling text?  See our page for ‘Other Effects



These are the menus that your customers will use to navigate around your website.  Do you have any preferences?  Horizontal, vertical or both?

Internet Search Engines

Decide on keywords and phrases that will help your clients to find you. Refer our page on SEO Search Engine Optimisation for more information.

“Marilyn put together the site for us and was excellent to work with, reasonably priced and I would happily recommend her work if you do consider setting up a site.

It was done in record time at a pretty reasonable cost.”

Domain Name & Hosting