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It is not always easy to know exactly what you want when you put your business online so here are a few ideas to help you do a little brainstorming.  This is only a starting point so don’t worry if you miss anything, it can always be added as we go along.

Here are a few ideas for web pages from a website design company that can make a difference!

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Home – this is the main page, a bit like an introduction and it is the first page your clients will see when they first log into your website.

Web Page Ideas from

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Photograph Album – we can use your images on any of the pages you have but if you have hundreds of images we can design an album that will help your users to browse at ease through your images and if appropriate can purchase these images directly through the album. No need to go back to any previous pages.

Testimonials – contact your existing clients. Sometimes it is easier to send them an e-mail with their name & title, their company name and your version of a testimonial. They are more likely to oblige if the template is already done for them and they only need to tweak it a little.  Let them know that a link to their website will appear on your website. If you know them well then ask them for a photograph, it will make their testimonial seem more real.

About Us – tell your clients a little about you, your business and the services you offer. This is a much visited page and deserves careful thought. It could be the difference between gaining and losing a client. Details such as when your business started, where you can be found, number of employees and who you are can be entered in here. Perhaps include photographs to make your website a little bit more human. Let your clients see the people behind the online business. Add any interesting facts that you think will help sell your company. Do not miss this opportunity to sell yourself. We can add links to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. If you do not have accounts then consider opening them.

Products & Services - this is your chance to let your customers know what you are selling. Start off with a summary and then depending on the number of different products you can add links to categories.

Forms - it is always worth considering using forms for feedback, e-mail details, requests & enquiries – a form could be the only thing standing between you and your potential clients. Although it may be easier to simply add an e-mail link to a page it may not always be the best solution as not all users have set up their default e-mail client or know how to set this up.  As a result any hyperlinks to your e-mail address may cause an error to appear.  

It is far simpler to design a form that will help and guide your clients to where you want them to be as well as giving you the information you need. There are many types of forms that you can use - contact, comments, user information, buy now, shopping basket to name but a few.

Links – these are better known as hyperlinks and can be a word, phrase or image that will take the user to another web page or section within the website very quickly.  The word or phrase is generally underlined or bold so that a user knows it is there.  The benefits of having a links page are that you can add websites similar to your own and ask them to reciprocate, known as reciprocal links.  This in turn will help advertise your own website and will optimise your site for search engines (SEO).

Terms & Conditions – this page will give details of the website’s content along with the do’s and don’ts for your visitors. It is a guideline as to its usage and any limitations as to, for example, product prices, delivery, exchanges, payment methods etc. Most websites will have a page showing their terms & conditions and will give you an idea of what to have in yours.

Site Map – this is a list of your pages and sub pages displayed in a similar fashion to the directory of your computer. It helps your users to navigate around your web site and also the search engine robots to find all your web pages, see search engine optimisation (SEO) for more information.

Contact Us – here we will add a form that will help your clients to contact you, where they can provide their name, E-Mail address plus any other information relevant to their enquiry. Optional fields for address and telephone numbers can also be added but if there are too many fields then chances are your client may be put off.


Are you still following these ideas? Enquire now or read on for a few more web pages that you may be able to use!

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