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All photographs are courtesy of Jersey Delights Photography

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Other Effects to Capture the Eye of your Clients

Wake up your Website!

A Slide Show

This is what we have on our Home page and it can contain just photographs of any size or shape.  It can have different navigation bars and can load on start up and continue looping.

Image Enlargement

Here are a few ideas for your images as in enlarging and changing them by either rolling your mouse over the photo or clicking on it.

There are lots of different ways to present your products and information.  

The seagull, boat and beach huts are part of a slide-show and each have a caption underneath it.

The poem is taken from www.heavenquotes.com and can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Beach Hut 'n Boats Designs - Boat Beach Hut 'n Boats Designs - Beach Huts
and be different colours and different sizes. The speed of the scrolling can also be controlled.
This is an Example of Scrolling Text and it can consist of more than one line
It can go from either direction too!

We can also add a Google Map to show your clients and customers where they can find you.

If you have other ideas of what you would like that we haven’t listed please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you!

MC Website Design Picture Poem courtesy of www.heavenquotes.com

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The door stops photograph links to a different sized photograph.

If you roll your mouse over this image it changes to a different photograph of bolster cushions and if you click on the image then another picture of a Beach Hut ‘n Boats cushion appears.

Beach Hut 'n Boats Door-Stops Beach-Hut-Boats-Various-Cushions.jpg

MC Website Design

  for small businesses

Other Effects

Scrolling Text
MC Website Design - seagull applique courtesy of www.beachhutboats.com
Roll Over Effects
Google Maps